SJS Industrial Complex (Santa Fe)

San JeronimoSud Industrial Complex is located at 30 km from Rosario city, has a daily milling capacity of 2,500 tons, and a storage capacity of 142,550 tons. It produces crude and refined oil, and protein-rich soybean pellets and flour, with high nutritional value.

As from 2010, the Complex starts producing refined sunflower and safflower oil, with high and low oleic value, thus meeting the needs of an increasingly changing food market.

Santa Fe
San Jerónimo Sud
San Lorenzo
Ruta Nacional Nº 9 Km. 336
Phone number: 
0341 – 4909026
Zip code: 
Processing Plant. Refined and deodorizing oil plant.
Processing capacity (TPD): 

Soybean 2,000 soft grains: 1,200

Refining capacity (TPD): 

Soybean 210 soft grains: 200

Storage Capacity (tons): 

Grains 115,100
Ppellets and meal 20,000

Crude Oils 4,950

Refined 2,500

Storage capacity for solid fertilizers: 6,000 tons

Storage capacity for liquids: N/A